lundi 5 décembre 2016

Moroccan Music

The Moroccan music is very rich and is characterized by its big diversity from a region to an other one: the music Arabic as the châabi, the aïta of Arabic of plains or hassany; the music amazighe as the reggada of Rif or the ahidous of Souss, the Andalusian music or still the music gnawa. Besides, there is a new generation of young people, which creates a music which synthesizes the Moroccan spirit in the influences come from the whole world (blues, rock, metal, reggae, Moroccan rap, etc.

Gnawa music

samedi 30 juillet 2016

Fez Medina Property Managment

Fez Medina Property Managment

Tarmeemat Fez offers a wide range of service-possibilities to its customers. It’s fairly easy to buy a property– but a property also needs to be tended.
Living abroad during most of the year, makes it nearly impossible for most among us to fulfill the obligations of the real estate property. Therefore, our company is offering to relieve you of some of your duties, so you can enjoy your vacation – and your stay– when you are in Fez.
The services we offer are:
  • Full Service: Including cleaning sevices, paying regular bills (phone, electricity, water, internet, taxes...)
  • Cleaning Services: Regular cleaning of the property.
  • Guest Services:  Meeting your guests upon arrival, serve as an emergency for your guests, collecting payments  from your guests and managing accounting sheets..
Management fees are based on the value of the individual property and the size. An average property has a monthly management fee of 3500Dhs. The agency will bill the owner monthly with the added value tax of 20% added. This fee would cover organising cleaning and general maintenance plus a weekly inspection including mail collection.
In addition we will organise billing and banking management, providing each client with private access to an up-to-date accounting sheet available 24 hours a day via our web site. Extra fees would be charged to cover airport pick-ups or drop-offs, gardians, accountants for income tax returns, attending condominium meetings, supervising  repairs and requested renovations. 

All of the  prices are subject to 20% value added tax.

samedi 16 juillet 2016

Fez: buy real estate in Fez Morocco

The first company of its kind, Fez Medina Consulting brings together a unique collective of skilled Moroccans from diverse backgrounds to form “Tarmeemat Fez”.With our awareness that carrying out an investment is a difficult task, Tarmeemat Fez will guide you through the process of bringing your project to life, and that includes but not limited to:
  • Providing assistance through the process of buying a property in Fes.
  • Restoring your property.
  • Managing your property whether as a business (guest house or maison d’hôte) or as a second home.
Our broad knowledge and experience in the real estate market in Fes, consulting, restoration and managing, paired with our ability to collaborate with people from different backgrounds enables us to provide our clients with the best personalized service possible. Restoration: Restore a property in Fes Medina, Morocco

 Restoration: Restore a property in Fes Medina, Morocco 

 Fez Medina Restoration Projects and Project Managment

Due to the growing demand of the restoration market in the Fez Medina and at the request of some of our clients, we have been researching the medina restoration community and looking for appropriate partners. Fez Medina Consulting is building upon its current services to provide further support throughout the process of not only buying, but also restoring and managing properties.

 Property Management: Fes Medina riad management 

Fez Medina Property Managment

 Tarmeemat Fez offers a wide range of service-possibilities to its customers. It’s fairly easy to buy a property– but a property also needs to be tended.

Consulting: How to buy a Riad or a House in Fez Morocco?

Assistance with the process of buying a riad or a dar in Fez Medina, Morocco 

 We will help you through the process of buying your dream property in Fes and the region. We provide administrative assistance and legal advice through the following
  • Providing a reputable notaire/ adul (legal representative) for signing your buy contract
  • Arranging all necessary meetings with owners, real estate agents and notaire/adul
  • Providing translation services at all meetings (Arabic, French, English)
  • Representing your interests through a limited power of attorney that allows for completion of the buy process on your behalf, if you are not in Morocco (optional)
  • Assisting with bank accounts and wire transfers (opening a convertible account, ordering checkbooks and ATM cards, internet banking…)
  • Serving as contact person for the purchase with agents, owners and notaire/ adul throughout the process
  • Tracking the progress of sale and providing regular updates
  • Providing a detailed sheet of expenses by the end of the transaction

mardi 7 juin 2016

Fez - Morocco

Fez was the first capital of the kingdom in 808 under Idriss II, Fez is the most prestigious city of Morocco, is custodian of a refined civilization. Inheriting a millennium history, it remains one of the centers of Islamic civilization. No other Moroccan city not far reflects the tribulations of time. Grandiose buildings punctuate his equipment room to be a place of memory. Difficult to escape, in Fez, the weight of history, and just carefully explore its Arabian buildings to weave the narrative.

Through one of its monumental gates, one must let go in the flow of the motley crowd and throw himself into the path reserved for various souks, often consist of a compact grid of stalls, fondouks, leading to the kaysariyya, the market of choice for valuable products and Qarawiyyin mosque, central space, spiritual and economic heart of Fez. polyphonic vision, high color spaces, noisy atmosphere, olfactory salience, Fez is a continuous load of all the senses.

But behind the public spaces, another Fez, peaceful and domestic, silent and meditative, seems to rule out prying eyes. obscure passages, dead ends unpredictable, baffling baffles windings confusing, residential space is a set of in-family neighborhoods in which the rules of organization and the borders are decrypted only by Fassis themselves.
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